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Banking & Financial Service Products

MIU is a financial technology company focusing on providing digital & AI banking products for the Banking and Financial Service Industry (BFSI). We are also working with well-known solutions from around the world to provide a full suite of banking solutions. Let us know if you are interested in our portfolio. We are ready to provide assistance in the demands of the ongoing digital transformation taking place in the BFSI industry.


Digital Channel for Treasury Business

MIU Financial Technology (MIUFT) best-in-class ADVENT eTrade platform provides a complete end-to-end eFX to distribute FX products such as FX spot, forward, and swaps easily to branches, enabling them to respond to market opportunities more rapidly.

ADVENT eTrade is a powerful trading platform offering a comprehensive range of trading and investment capabilities with a user-friendly interface supporting multiple languages such as English and Vietnamese. Engineered for speed and efficiency, the powerful trade ticket feature enables branch or dealer to place an order very quickly while displaying all key trade information such as transacted currency pair and price in the deal ticket itself.

ADVENT eTrade also provides a powerful no-code workflow engine with a user-friendly GUI where users could define bespoke workflows such as automation or approval (2-4-6 eyes maker/checker) workflows tailored to bank’s business requirements or specific compliance rules. The workflows can be easily adapted or configured by bank’s business users without the need for any IT resources or vendor



MIUFT’s ACES is a workflow-driven, web-based platform and tightly integrated post-approval system, allowing banks to streamline and holistically improve their overall collateral and exposure management. The system is fully designed to be operated by business users.

ACES provides a platform that minimizes manual processing, provides robust collateral maintenance capabilities and exposure management module, which pro-actively manages concentration and sectorial risks, along with many other pre-defined risk dimensions.

ACES is designed for a comprehensive real-time appraisal and reappraisal business in the Financial Industry. It helps bank to simplify the process and reduce the risk exposure. The system includes an Internal System for bank'staff and an External system for 03rd party evaluators for banks.

The system provides full support for multiple devices and browsers which offers Relationship Managers and External Evaluation Partners an easy way to access to the system when visiting customers.



AFDS deploys a machine learning (ML) model and an example dataset of credit card transactions to train the model to recognize fraud patterns. The model is self-learning which enables it to adapt to new, unknown fraud patterns.

AFDS automate the detection of potentially fraudulent activity, and the flagging of that activity for review. The solution implementation is easy to deploy and includes an example dataset but customers can modify the solution implementation to work with any dataset.

We can predict fraud in a large volume of transactions by applying cognitive computing technologies to raw data. This is the reason why we use machine-learning algorithms for preventing fraud for our clients.

AFDS is able to act as a national wide Customer Due Diligence(CDD) solution to detect spurious financial transactions and money laundering activities. We are partnering with TessInternational to provide a complete approach for the entire financial system for a country with a polulation over 70 millions, with over 01 billion financial transactions each year.


OCR and AI in One solution

ADVENT VISION, with OCR, BPM and AI capabilities, is designed to understand documents and categorizes the document for multi-purposes.

ADVENT VISION is applying in our Trade Based Money Laundering (TBML) product by leveraging AI to solve Trade Finance Operational & Compliance Challenges.

From business process approach, Paperless Mobile App is applying ADVENT VISION to support banks' Relationship Manager to process lending onboarding at client side for faster process and customer obsession. The turn around time for an unsecure loan originate is less than 02 hours with all verfication at client site.

With ADVENT VISION, banks and organizations could transform and innovate the daily operation process in a digital approach, removing papers process and human intervention and errors.



ASMB provides ecosystem for bank's Small and Medium Business customers to operate their business. By becomming bank's customers, SMBs are providing the full-set of ASMB depends on their business segment. ASMB supports multiple business types such as coffee shop, fashion shop, manufactories, F&B business...

This approach provides support to the SME from and strengthens the SME business with the banks system.

The more SMEs are using ASMB, the more loyalty of the SME with the bank. SMB will growht their business under bank's ecosystem.

ASMB is running as SaaS model and fully integrating with Bank back-end systems such as payment and core system. Feel free to contact us at: for more information about ASMB.



ACSC is a Behaviour Analytics application based on AI Technology. It is a well-designed solution based on the latest technology to build a dynamic approach to collect and analyse customer opinions and suggestions related to bank’s services, images, products and other aspects.

ACSC helps banks and corporates to centralize all survey campains across departments and divisions. It addresses the paint-point that multi-survey tools in one organization. The results can be reuse and consolidate for 360 degree view of markets to organization image & products features.

With ACSC, Banks and corporates can integrate their back-end systems with external survey center to process quick market check and strategic planning.


Making investing and wealth creation simple. Myriad suite is based on Powerful, robust wealth technology.

Myriad is a Wealth aggregation, financial transaction and reporting software. Myriad provides more relevant features than any other provider in this technology space. Myriad empowers financial institutions to manage customer wealth more effectively. We add value and mitigate risks with a single, streamlined solution for wealth management. Myriad solutions are flexible and can support a range of financial institutions:

-Private banks
-Wealth managers
-Investment advisors
-Trust companies
-Asset managers

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Internationally Accepted Financial Crime Solutions With More Than Two Decades Of Industrial Experiences

End-to-End Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) solution that identifies and filters suspicious financial activities with precision. The combination of screenings, profiling, analyses and monitoring effectively checks customer behavior to expose any intentions of hiding monetary assets and instinctively eliminates false positives. Furthermore, the integration of the IT technologies provides real time alerts that enhance security measures. This multifaceted web-based application with an end-to-end functionality boosts operational efficiency and ensures compliance with AML/CTF regulations.

MIUFT ADVENT LUCID is a realtime AI AML component plug in for Tess' Coral AML to create a seamless AML solution for digital and modern banks.

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Transforming your Treasury and Risk Management to suit your growing needs has never been easier.

MyTreasur-e is a robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution designed to give you peace of mind with your investment as you manage your mission-critical cash flow and treasury responsibilities. MyTreasur-e is known for its user-friendliness, ease of reporting, scalability, and security.

MIUFT's expert team implements the MyTreasur-e solution to a steady timeframe for our large scale corporates and financial institution customers in the Asia market. MIUFT is strongly committed to delivering to you a successful deployment of MyTreasur-e and providing highly reliable ongoing management and support of your treasury system.

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Digital Consultancy

Digital banking model consultancy

Based on the bank strategy of transforming to Digital Bank, there are 04 different approaches/models to apply. It could be hybrid model in between. The Bank needs to understand AS-IS and TO-BE of bank’s digital banking.

With MIUFT's consultant service, we provide the analytic services to connect the dots from AS-IS, Business strategy with medium and long-term visions to make an desire and doable TO-BE digital model.

Risk Consultancy

Risk framework consultancy

We understand that most banks struggle to transform their business requirement into a technical solution. Creating a project proposal, building the road map for a business requirement, framework for risk management are challenges for business and technical team of banks.

We have consultants with experience not only as bankers but also as solution providers. Therefore, we could offer a holistic view and assistance in preparation for bank's IT projects

Data Analytic Consultancy

Data Analytic Model Consultancy

AI is a disruptive technology that brings together various forms of learning, supervised, and unsupervised. MIU experts, with strong expertise in Data Sciences and AI, provide consultant service for financial firms to understand deeply their customers and their behavior.

Our Vision

To become the leading provider of solutions for the Australian, the Philippines and Vietnam Financial markets from vendors that have a long-term commitment and will provide the highest levels of support to our clients.

Customer Reviews

We are more than happy to have MIU as the digital solution vendor for our digital process of the Loan Origination process in our bank. The solution is full coverage of our expectations and our business in multi-segments.
We appreciate the dedicated commitment from MIU's project team in delivering the project within a short period but high-quality output.

Head of Consumer Lending, A korean bank in Vietnam

MIU is our primary banking solution partner. Through them, we can reach out with our clients' needful solutions in banking and financial services. Thank MIU for your dedicate services.
I strongly recommend MIU for all banks or insurance companies to keep in touch with MIU for any aspect of your digital journey. You will find what you expect..

Khanh Nguyen, DongLoi- a local SI in Vietnam

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